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Our Services

Through longstanding relationships with a network of galleries around the world, we are confident in sourcing works for every requirement. Our aim is to provide guidance and assistance through a bespoke service, individually researched for experienced collectors as well as for those embarking on their first purchase.

Our core is the assessment of collections, but we can also provide strategic guidance on collection identity and development, acquisitions, deaccessions, and short- and long-term planning.

On a selective basis, I Collect Photography also provides strategic counsel to artists, aimed at fulfilling their career goals.

Develop your collection

There are various methods to start a collection, by instinct, by passion, by genre. The world of photography is so vast that you can drown in it.
This is where our team can make a difference.
Through a bespoke research and thanks to our network of galleries, we can source photographs which are not on this website or publicly listed.

Make an investment

The maturing of photography as an art form has been accompanied by an explosion of interest in the art market which has become one of the most prosperous sector in the economy. I Collect Photography is here to answer your questions and assist you in building your collection. It will guide you to discover and appreciate iconic images that can be found in art history books, fashion photography or a classic portrait by a great master.